About Bernd Kügow

"May we all touch a heart, somewhere, sometime"

I became hooked on photography after sneaking out with my grandfather's beloved Leica M3 and happily finished off the film that he had started.

To my amazement when the film was developed, there were some really good pictures - and a very puzzled look on my grandfather's face.  

The journey continued through my home town of Berlin, on my travels, mostly with film but walking the digital route for a while and enjoying the convenience.  Ultimately I was dissatisfied with the digital experience and returned once more to trusted medium format and 35mm film, and with a new found fire in the shape of my pinhole cameras my journey continues to this day.

I have however not abolished digital as I still believe in the medium and one day it will produce images that to me do look like photographs.

With every picture I make, I try to capture the "feel" and "sound" a good photograph conveys. This is much more elusive for me when working with digital.

I do hope you find something on here you enjoyed looking at and I wish you much success and enjoyment in your photography whatever you choose to capture.

Safe travels


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